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Golden camellia tea (20 tea bags)

The golden camellia is extremely demanding on the growth environment, and its genes are extremely difficult to replicate, once transplanted, it will die or genetically mutate. With rarity and health benefits, golden camellia is more expensive than regular teas. Net weight: 30gr (1.5gr x 20)

Dissolve Ginger tea (20 sachets/bag)

Hot or ice cold instant ginger tea. Made solely from freshly crushed ginger root to obtain a concentrated juice with strong ginger taste and aroma. Net Weight: 100gr (20 x 5gr).

Chrysanthemum tea (20 tea bags)

For generations, chrysanthemum tea has helped to lower blood pressure, cool the body, and reduce inflammation, all of which can help to induce calmness. The powerful antioxidants and minerals present in the infusion can help your body better regulate itself and eliminate unnecessary stress hormones in the blood. Net weight: 30gr (20 x 1.5 gr)

Jasmine tea (20 tea bags)

Refreshing jasmine fragrance with Thai Nguyen specialty green tea with an acrid taste on the tip of the tongue then feel the sweetness deep in the throat.